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About Us.
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Our Institute teaches Arabic, French, German, Spanish and some Italian, offering you an attractive range of programme schemes. Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish offer beginners’ courses, which can in the case of Arabic, French, German and Spanish lead to degree level study, as well as advanced courses. Italian can be studied to degree level within the Romance Languages and the European Languages degree schemes.

We attach great importance to the practical study of both written and spoken language, and in addition we offer a range of cultural, literary and linguistic modules. Although there are traditional lectures, much time is also devoted to computer-assisted learning, and all students have regular oral classes with native speakers. The Department has good staff-student relations and classes are small in comparison with those found in many universities. Assessment is by a combination of regular assignments and examinations.

Our courses encourage you to look behind media coverage and delve into the politics, literature and culture, religion, philosophy and history

We offer excellent facilities, including exceptionally well-equipped language laboratories with state-of-the-art computing facilities and video recording equipment, together with a wide range of audio-visual materials and receive live television broadcasts from Europe. Foreign newspapers and magazines are available in the library. Each of the languages has an active student society.

In the first year of your programme the teaching is aimed at increasing your linguistic competence and deepening your familiarity with, and understanding of, the culture and literature of the country concerned. The schemes for beginners follow a similar pattern, consisting of intensive language modules and a general introduction to the civilisation and culture of the country concerned.

Each language offers a distinctive range of modules which can be taken in various combinations in single and joint honours or major and minor schemes. Joint honours students take either two languages or one language and another subject. There is usually a roughly equal balance between language and ‘content’ modules (eg literature, linguistics, politics). During your year abroad you write a dissertation in the target language which counts towards your final degree result or you bring back marks from the university at which you studied. Our current range of programmes includes:

Middle Eastern Studies.

Arabic and Islamic Studies .

Arabic Studies and Middle Eastern Studies.

Islamic Studies.

French - in combination with other languages and other subjects

German - in combination with other languages and other subjects

Spanish - in combination with other languages and other subjects 

European Languages

Modern German Studies

Tourism with French or Spanish

Modern Languages with Business and Management


Institute of Linguists

Institute of Linguists